Friday, March 20, 2009

Beware Of The Dog Answers;

1; The pilot compares his injury to finding a dead cat on the sofa. This simile reveals that the pilot is a little off his rocker. He is going insane because he thinks something like this is rather strange and unusual but interesting to. 
2; The repetition of "I'm going to pass out" heightens the suspense of the story because it makes readers want to go on to find out does he crash or does he make it home to the cockpit.
3; The pilot is afraid of landing in the water because it would be easy for his emenys to catch him.
4; I think the pilot is slowly falling asleep because of so much blood he lost. 
5; In the second column it helps me reveal the authors time period and background because it talks about how he heard the Junker 88 saying that anyone who has been bombed knows the sound that the engine makes.
6; The German Bombers could signify that the German has a better army or better than the Britain. I can infer that the nurse is not telling the pilot the truth because she told the pilot he is dreaming he didn't really hear that Junker 88.
7; I think the pilot was about to say that the water wasn't hard. The fantastic thought that has come to him is that he was not in Britain. He doesn't want to tell the nurse that he knew he wasn't so he told her he was dreaming.
8; The pilot actions reveal that he is a real determined person because he crawled out the window with a missing leg. He was able to find the window and find out he was in France.
9; The reason why the pilot can tell he is in France because it says G-A-R-D-E A-U C-H-I-E-N which means beware of the dog in french. 
10; The pilot recalls the sentence Johnny use to repeat to the pilot everyday because he is scared that he will get caught by the french people and if he does they shouldn't know nothing but his name, ranking, and number.
11; The pilot reactions at the beginning of the story was clam, settle, and determined to get home. He wasn't worried at all until he felt as though he was going to faint because of too much blood lost. He attempted to get out the window because he saw the french. At the end the way he responded to the nurse and the wing commander was because he didn't feel like he could trust them just yet. 

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